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Why Is It Important To Keep The Blood Pressure Machine At Hand

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All the necessities and luxuries of life are meaningless if the person is not blessed with great health. Many people will happily trade all their wealth with health if the need arises. Each one of us knows the importance of good health and also take necessary measures to remain fit and well. Some people resort to eating a balanced diet and some have their main focus on exercise and burning off excess calories. Even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many of us get health ailments that need proper medication and medical attention. These health complications may be due to genetics or increasing age. One of the most common health complications that people face is high or low blood pressure. Blood pressure can be maintained by using medication and also can be monitored with the help of a blood pressure machine.

A blood pressure machine is seemingly a small handy medical device but it is very important for people suffering from high blood pressure. Patients suffering from blood pressure require daily reading of their blood pressure fluctuations so that they can take medicine accordingly. It is very important for patients to invest in a good quality blood pressure machine that gives accurate readings without any chance of errors. There are many blood pressure machines available in the market and with recent advancements in medical science, the smallest blood pressure machine can fit in snugly in a pocket as well. Below are some most commonly used types of blood pressure machines that are used by the doctors as well as patients in their house.

  • Finger blood pressure machine

Finger blood pressure machines are based on the latest technologies and are very small in size. It is used by placing a finger inside the specified cuff that inflates when the patient turns on its power. These machines are mostly used by people who require frequent blood pressure readings. The down-side of this machine is that it is considered to be not 100% accurate and it is advised to take blood pressure readings at least 3 times to be sure.

  • Aneroid blood pressure machine

It is the oldest and most traditionally used blood pressure machine that is still used and trusted by most of the doctors. It works with a complicated mechanism of arm cuff, statoscope, and a squeeze bulb. Although this blood pressure machine is considered to be quite complicated to use, its readings are considered to be 100% accurate.

  • Digital blood pressure machine

This blood pressure machine is slowly taking the place of an aneroid machine in hospitals and clinics as it is also known to give accurate readings and it is also easy to use. People at home mostly use digital blood pressure machine due to its ease of use and accuracy. Its working mechanism is simple and does not require much effort as the patient just tightly wrap the arm cuff on his arm and wait for the cuff to get completely inflated on its own. After the reading is done, blood pressure readings are displayed on the screen which is most of the time quite accurate. See this post to find out more details.

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